Whether your sending them, have received some or are trying to pick which gift would be best to send – read through out tips on how to keep cut fresh flowers looking their best, how to care for arrangements in foam and even looking after plants.

Fresh Cut Flower Stems (Bouquets)

If you receive on of our Hand Ties – they are ready to go straight into a vase. You May choose to leave the wrapping on but we would suggest removing this after 1- 2 days to allow the flowers to breath without getting sweaty in the cellophane. The flowers will come already arranged and tied in place.

Removing the wrapping that the bouquet was presented in, fill a vase just over half way with fresh tepid water. Cut the stems of the bouquet at a 45 degree angle – from the bottom (about half and inch). Place them in to the vase and enjoy! Re cut the stems every 2 to 3 days and change the water.

Aqua Bouquets –

Do very much the same as suggested with the above hand tied bouquet. However our Aqua Bouquets will come presented within their own water bubble. To ensure they last you will need to remove them from their bubble (we recommend over the sink to avoid spillages) after 48 hours of receiving them. Again these bouquets are arranged and tied beneath the wrapping for ease and enjoyment.

Arrangements in floral foam –

Baskets, containers and any arrangements delivered in floral foam are easy to maintain and keep fresh with minimum fuss. Simply top up the foam from the centre of the arrangement with water ever 2 -3 days. We suggest you do this on a draining board away from surfaces that mark in the case the water spills. As the water absorbs into the foam it allows the flowers to keep fresh and well watered.

Plants – Indoor

While most plants tend to come with instructions we know they are sometimes not enough! With any indoor plants if possible to do so we suggest you water them from the bottom of the pot. Therefore by standing them in a small amount of water which they can take up themselves. this avoids over watering and rotting of the plant. Avoid pouring water over the top of the plant and its flowers as it will do the plant no good, in some cases the flowers if watered on their petals can mark easily.

If any leaves/flowers die off or sometimes they can turn yellow you will need to remove them from the plant. It is best to do this by removing them from the lowest part of the stem and allowing them to re shoot.

All plants need a degree of sunlight to survive. Most plants will withstand semi sunlight, check the instructions of your plant to see which is recommended. If you place a plant in direct sunlight it’s leaves could burn (just like we would!).

Outdoor Plants

Once outside most plants tend to look after themselves. Feeding from the nutrients of the soil especially if planted into the ground in boarders they will thrive. For smaller plants bought to be planted into pots or baskets, try to allow for space for them to grow. Check the pot/baskets have enough drainage to ensure they don’t store the water absorbed from being outside.

Outdoor plants can be annuals or perennials – so be sure to choose which suits you or the recipient best.

If you have received fresh flowers or one of our longer lasting plants or planters and would like more specific information on how to care for your gift please call and speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.