Privacy Policy

In compliance with the updated data protection act 1998 and the GDPR in effect from May 2018.

Policy was updated May 2020.

Who we are:

Fiesta Red Florist are a independent flower shop in St Marychurch, Torquay. We daily work with customers all around the area including local businesses providing fresh floral displays for an array of occasions.

Our registered address is Fiesta Red Florist, 30 Fore Street, St Marychurch, Torquay, TQ1 4LY, England. Alternatively call 01803 328007 or correspond via email

We are a sole trader business with no affiliation to any third party companies including any flower relay organisations where information is shared.


How we collect information about you:

We collect information from you at point of ordering whether in store or via phone. With your consent to provide the details in order for the order to be processed from our store. We collect information about you via your online account with us. Any information ever collected about you is solely used for the purpose as requested for I.E carry out orders and requests placed with us. No information provided is shared with any outside affiliates. For more information on this matter please refer to the following pages:

Terms and Conditions  or  Privacy Policy

Social Media

When you interact with us on social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest we may obtain information about you (for example, when you publicly tag us in photo’s or share photos to our page regarding your enjoyment of our services). The information we receive will depend on the privacy preferences you have set on your personal social media accounts. All information shared with us via these platforms is done so at your own risk of sharing personal information. We will only ever share information you provide us via these platforms with your permission.

What Information we may ask for:

In order for us to carry out and complete your request we will ask to have details of the following.

Names, addresses, phone numbers, payment details (card payments via phone taken with correct details given and permission from the card holder.) Email address may be taken should it be required – this is only taken when required and with permission.

  • Payment details: Payments made over the phone are entered straight into the card machine within the premises. At no point do we store/share any credit/debit card details. Receipts are given at each payment when processed and are stored safely within the premises.


    Payments made via online shop at are made through the paymentsense gateway which is secure and compliant in legalities. You will be redirected when making a purchase and during this time we cannot accept any liability for use of information. any issues occurred using this service need to be reported directly to the card processor.

    What we use your information for:

  • Carrying out the delivery/collection of a purchase/order from our store.

  • Contacting you should we need to. (Orders processed and placed for delivery requires us to sometimes contact customers. We only do this if absolutely necessary. This is stated at point of ordering.

  • Information stored on those who hold open accounts with us will be used to store details regarding payment details and addresses for whom invoices and correspondences will be dealt with.

  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?

    Your data is kept stored securely, your information will never be shared with any third parties unless otherwise given permission to do so.

  • How do we use your information?

    Information collected by us will only be used by us to carry out any works you request from us. Information is more than likely to be used on a one off basis or regular to ensure the correct contract taken out with us is completed.

  • to process orders for delivery or collection

  • to undertake and carry out the complementation of any order placed with us

  • to contact you should there be any issue raised with your order.

  • to make payment to our own suppliers/wholesalers and accounts related to the business.

  • How long will the data be stored for?

  • information will be stored until the date selected for any orders/requests are completed.

  • Information may be stored pass this date to comply with tax/accounting regulations. During this time your information is safely stored on our premises.

Who has access to your information we collect:

  • Staff of whom it concerns with your order including the delivery driver for the business.

  • Your details are not shared with any other company/business or persons without your permission.

  • No information sent to you will be without your permission. This includes special offers, events and activities we may participate in as a business. We do not collect email/personal address’s of those whom purchase from us but of those the purchase is intended for. This is the nature of our business of which you will only be contacted should any issue arise with the completion of your order.

Your Rights

Under UK data protection law, you have certain rights over the personal information that we collect/store about you. Here is a summary of the rights that we think apply:

Right of access

You have a right to request access to the personal data that we hold about you. You also have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you, and we will provide you with this unless legal exceptions apply.

If you want to access your information, please send a description of the information you want to see and proof of your identity by post to the address provided below.

Right to have your inaccurate personal information corrected

You have the right to have inaccurate or incomplete information we hold about you corrected.

Right to restrict use

You have a right to ask us to restrict the processing of some or all of your personal information if there is a disagreement about its accuracy or we’re not lawfully allowed to use it.

Right of erasure

You may ask us to delete some or all of your personal information and in certain cases, and subject to certain exceptions; we will do so as far as we are required to.

Right for your personal information to be portable

If we are processing your personal information based on your consent, or in order to enter into or carry out a contract with you, and or the processing is being done by automated means, you may ask us to provide it to you or another service provider in a machine-readable format.

Keeping your information safe:

Any information provided with us is kept stored away until it is required to be used for processing and completion of the order.

Any payments made with us are carried out securely in store, online via a secure payment gateway or via phone. No credit/debit card details are stored by us.

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